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PagePlus X9 makes professional quality page layout and design easy for everyone. Create any type of document, for any purpose and print it on your desktop printer, professionally, or share it electronically with industry-standard PDF export.

Design any document, that’s ready for your printer, in just a few clicks using the simple print options in PagePlus X9. Start from scratch, or choose from hundreds of fully-customisable templates to create professional stationery sets for your business, calendars and greeting cards at home, as well as flyers and posters for your club or charity – the possibilities are endless! PagePlus has all the easy-to-use tools and features you’ll ever need to achieve effortless results, whether you print your finished designs, share them online, or both!

Stunning logos and graphics
Add a personal touch to your documents with a wide range of intuitive graphical tools. Easily design your own logos using the dedicated Logo Studio, create your own colour schemes, add QuickShapes, text, and so much more using simple but professional tools. You can even choose from a collection graphics and images from our template gallery if you need help to get started! Enjoy CMYK colours, even on filter effects such as drop shadows, and pick colours from any image you import to build up a bespoke colour palette and maintain colour consistency throughout your documents.

Let your words flow
Let your words flow onto your documents when using the seamless word processing tools in PagePlus X9. Write text documents like you would in a Word document, and enjoy full control over the text style and format. Add the finishing touches to your documents by using the intuitive spelling and grammar checker, international dictionaries, font styles, characters, line spacing and paragraph settings that will make your documents, newsletters and brochures so easy to read.

Simple photo editing
Make your documents stand out and shine by adding photos. Scan or import popular image files including JPG, TIFF, PNG, WebP, EPS, then simply drag and drop your images right where you want them. With a dedicated PhotoLab and Cutout Studio built into PagePlus, you can easily crop and enhance, remove red eye and add stunning effects and filters without having to use external any software.

Intelligent layout tools
Digital documents will look perfect on screen, as well as in print when you use the powerful tools of PagePlus X9. A Baseline Grid feature ensures that all your text is aligned across different columns and frames, even if your text is different sizes. Intuitive guides, snapping, dot grids and rulers help you stay consistent throughout the design process, making sure every box, paragraph and image is perfectly in-line. Save time by creating multiple master pages which can be the background for your entire document, and can be changed at any time, modifying the entire publication instantly. Complex designs are a breeze too when using layers that make it easier to isolate the individual parts you want to edit!

Flexible, versatile and stylish results guaranteed
Discover just how easy it is to create, save and edit professional quality PDF files. Quickly, and easily save your finished documents as the latest industry standard PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-5 file formats which are favoured by professional printers. Plus enjoy a wide range of other export formats such as EPS, TIFF and JPG, as well as EPUB3 for flexible and precise digital documents. You can even import PDFs as an image, which is perfect for placing adverts in your newsletters and magazines, and also fully edit PDF files just like any other document. You can then save your PDFs as a smaller file size for the web, or at the highest quality for the best results when sending for professional printing.
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