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Update v1.7.2:
Fixed starvation having no effect on happiness and growth
Fixed drain Sector resources function not working with <200 Influence
Stopped AI from nonsensically terraforming its planets and wasting a ton of resources
Fixed Xenophile Factions wrongly considering robots to be alien slaves
Fixed presentients wrongly counting as slaves for the Xenoist faction
Fixed Governing Ethics Attraction having no effect
Fixed Devouring Swarms being able to conduct diplomacy with Enclaves
Fixed issue preventing you from attacking the Unbidden Portal despite destroying the Anchors first
Fixed rare crash when a threat was added
Fixed crash when starting terraforming
Fixed crash in swarm AI fleet update
Fixed crash in swarm AI when a planet was destroyed
Fixed crash when starting the game with mods that disable a tech module
Increased society research gained by consuming Pops as a Devouring Swarm
Stopped an exploit against the Scourge with resettling Pops to occupied worlds
Fixed sector AI automatically deleting Slave Processing Facilities if they had less than 5 slaves
Fixed missing terraform option for cold barren planets
Retaking a planet from the Scourge now properly stops purging of Pops
Fixed terraforming of inhabited planets causing tile resources to be reshuffled, because Betharian is pretty rad, but shouldn't be able to teleport
Fixed some missing localizations
Fixed Android defense armies wrongly being able to embark and invade planets
Subjects will now always accept being gifted planets by their overlord
Fixed incorrect city images for primitive civilizations
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