Take Van - Taylor Shy Teen Gets Banging Lesson [1080p] 
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Releasedate: July 3, 2017

Takevan to the rescue. A young girl was kicked out by her boyfriend on a rainy day and who better to help than Tarzan and his trusty crew? Taylor is 20y old and freshly homeless. She doesnt even have her panties on and looks crestfallen. Tarzan doesnt hesitate offering a couch for a sleepover, but she strictly declines, thinking hes just a bit too pervy. Taking offense with that, Tarzan proceeds to show her she would be completely safe and introduces her to his mambo cock. Taylor is tight and shallow, but she seems to be horny enough, so Tarzan impales her on his cock and gives her the ride of her life. Wendy in the meantime feels horny too, so theres double the action. Theres a cock in a pussy and another in the mouth, cum everywhere. By the end of the ride, Taylor has the shyness fucked out of her and becomes a naughty girl. As close to happy end as it gets.

Video Codec: MPEG-4 H.264 / AVC

Laufzeit: 26:09 Min
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