The Life Erotic - Alla B One Of Those Days 2 [1080p] 
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Releasedate: July 4, 2017

Alla B a pretty, slender girl with brown eyes and a stylish brunette bob really is having one of those days. We find her sitting on an apartment floor with her back to a couch, casually dressed in a Tshirt and tight skinny jeans. Shes looking reflective and a little sorry for herself. Black and white flashbacks reveal that she dropped a mug, which shattered on the floor. The commotion was heard by her elegant, anonymous mistress, who punished Alla by pulling down her jeans and spanking her with her own heavy leather belt. Now left alone to contemplate her carelessness, Alla caresses her body, playing the belt over it through her clothes. Gradually, she strips, revealing beautiful mediumsized breasts, then strokes the belt over her bare curves and the crotch of her cute print panties. Soon, shes naked and trailing her fingers over her shaved pussy, thighs splayed as she massages her clit. Kneeling on the couch to display her tight, firm butt, she reaches back between her legs, frigging herself faster. She moans, her face a picture of blissful focus, then as her body twitches, she sprawls back on the oversized cushions. Eyes closed, she licks her lips, hand keeping up a steady rhythm. Her breasts quiver as her breathing deepens and she throws her head back, clamping her hand tight between her thighs as she cums. Satisfied, she lies back and caresses her body with her wet fingertips, her misdemeanor apparently forgiven and forgotten for now at least although she retrieves the belt and spanks it against her thigh as she leaves the room naked

Video Codec: MPEG-4 H.264 / AVC

Laufzeit: 15:11 Min
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